C-Section & Normal Delivery

C-Section & Normal Delivery


Pregnancy is a physiological phenomenon and its end is associated with lots of pain, fear, anxiety in mother . 

Attitude towards labour pain are associated with physical, psychological , environmental and supporting factors which greatly affect the decision about mode of delievery .

Cesarean Birth (  C – section ) 

A cesarean birth is a surgical procedure used to deliever a baby when a vaginal delievery cannot be done safely . This procedure is also known as cesarean section and can happen as elective ( planned ) and as emergency . 

A cesarean section also called a C – section is a surgical procedure performed when a vaginal delievery is not possible or safe or when the health of the mother or baby ia at risk .During this procedure the baby is delievered through surgical incision made in abdomen and the uterus . 

Cesarean section can be planned in advance if a medical reason calls for it or it might be unplanned and take place during your labour if certain problem arise . 

Elective (Planned ) Cesarean section 

  1. Cephalopelvic disproportion 

  2. Previous cesarean birth 

  3. Multiple pregnancy 

  4. Placenta previa 

  5. Abnormal presentation of baby like transverse lie and breech presentation 

Emergency cesarean section ( unplanned )

  1. Failure of labour to progress 

  2. Cord compression 

  3. Prolapsed cord 

  4. Abruption placentae 

  5. Fetal distress 


Pregnancy and vaginal birth are very natural physiological phenomenon. Vaginal birth also called normal delievery happens when baby is born naturally through vagina sometimes involving small cut on perineum callec episiotomy . 

There are four stages of labour , first stage is having regular uterine contractions which progressively increases in intensity and simultaneously  dilates the cervix upto 10 cm. Second stage is from full dilatation of cervix to delievery of baby . First stage of labour in natural labour may last upto 8 to 12 hours in first pregnancy and to 6 to 8 hours in multigravidae ( second pregnancy onwards ) .

Third stage of labour involves delievery of placenta and fourth stage is the period of observation for both mother and baby . 

Labour analgesia / Pain relief may be given to patients and these are in form of pain relief injections , nitrous oxide gas and epidural anaesthesia .


Sometimes may be because of some medical and surgical problem in mother or baby being at risk in utero , labour need to be induced by artificial means before the normal labour pain arises keeping in view enough fetal maturity and viability for survival . Induced labour pain are more strong and dysfunctional and needs intensive maternal and fetal monitoring